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Военное дело Formal Words
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10.1 The three passages below are written in formal English. They contain words and structures which are often found in notices, regulation and formal letters but which are not common in ordinary everyday conversation.

1) Put each of the following formal words in its correct place in the notice below.

enquire / produce / facilitate / stating / seek / obligatory / attend / admitted / leave

ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS If you wish to obtain a certificate of registration you will be required to (a) _______ your admission slip. A note from your teacher (b) _______ that you (c) _________ your class regularly is not (d) ________ but will greatly (e) ________ matters. If you (f) ________ advice, please (g) ________ at the office. Overseas students should be aware that students are (h) _________ to the college only on condition that they have obtained (i) _______ to study from the Home Office.

2)Put each of the following words or phrases in its correct place in the passage


provide / prior / notify / in possession of / additional / further / desire / in excess of / held / retain / locations / terminating

Conditions of Car Rental Drivers must have (a) ________ a valid driving licence for a minimum of three years. Overseas visitors should be (b) ________ a British or International licence. Cars rented from our London office may only be returned to our other offices (Manchester, Bristol, Oxford) by (c) _______ arrangement and on payment of an (d) ________ charge. If a driver fails to return a car to us by one week after the agreed (e) _______ date, we will be obliged to inform the police. Special rates are available for periods (f) ________ three months. Drivers who (g) ________ to (h) _______ the car for a longer duration should (i) _______ the company as soon as possible. We also have offices at a number of (j) _______ in Scotland. Our London office will be pleased to (k) _______ (l) ________ details.

3)Put each of the following formal words in its correct place in the notice below.

funds / commencement / ensure / in duration / commences / departs / requested / prior to / undertake / assist / attire / appropriate

TOUR OF SOUTHERN SPAIN The tour is fourteen days (a) _______ and (b) _______ on Saturday 11 June, when our luxury coach (c) ________ from our London office. The price, which should be paid at least ten days (d) _______ the (e) _______ of the tour, is inclusive of all transport, meals and accommodation, but travellers should (f) _______ that they take with them adequate (g) _______ for extra expenses.   In the event of the cancellation of the tour we (h) _______ to refund the complete amount paid. The tour group will be accompanied by a courier, who will (i) ________ members of the group at all times.   Travellers are (j) ________ to wear (k) ________ (l) ________ for visits to churches and other holy places.

4)Make the following phrases more formal by replacing each word or

phrase in italics with a word or phase from one of the groups in the above

three exercises. In some cases it is necessary to make a small change in,

or addition to, the words or phrases.

Model:the train leaves at 07.15 the train departs at 07.15

we agree to do the work we undertake to do the work

(a)ask at the station (l) they’ll give more information

(b)to make things easier (m) you must have a valid passport

(c)before our arrival (n) the tour will end in Paris

(d)a previous engagement (o) they go to a primary school

(e)she will help us (p) he was allowed to enter

(f)more than £100 (q) the regulations say that …

(g)more information (r) if you want information

(h)tell the company (s) he has permission to be absent

(i)the beginning of the course (t) show your driving licence

(j)sufficient money for expenses (u) make sure you have permission

(k)keep your ticket (v) you are asked to be punctual

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