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Военное дело Infantry
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Text B

Прочитайте текст В и заполните таблицу словами и словосочетаниями, которые помогут вам ответить на вопросы.

Unit 3.

Подготовьте краткие сообщения на следующие темы. Используйте слова и словосочетания, данные в скобках.

1. Arms and services of the US Army (arms, primary mission, combat and combat support, combat arms, Infantry, Field Artillery, Air Defense Artillery, Armor, Army Aviation, Corps of Engineers, are directly engaged in fighting, services, provide logistical and administrative support, are not directly engaged in combat operations, Ordnance Corps, Finance Corps, Army Medical Corps, Transportation Corps, combat support arms, provide operational assistance to the combat arms, Signal Corps, Military Police Corps, Chemical Corps, Military Intelligence.

2. Main characteristics of US Infantry ( an arm of close combat, primary mission in attack, close with the enemy, destroy, capture, primary mission in defense, hold its position, repel the hostile assault, is supported by other arms, fights by combining fire, maneuver and shock effect.

3. Main characteristics of US Artillery ( an arm of long-range combat, is not capable of independent action, primary mission, support other arms by fire, give depth to combat by counter battery fires, attack hostile reserve, restrict movement, disrupt communication systems, antiaircraft protection, artillery fire, can influence the course and outcome of combat, is characterized by, long range, destructive power, accuracy, mobility, fire flexibility and moral effect, is divided into, Field Artillery, Air Defense Artillery.

4. Main characteristics of US Armor ( the main striking force, main mission, break through the enemy defenses, exploit the success of an attack, is characterized by, high mobility, armor protection, great fire power, is actively employed in offensive and defensive operations.

Missions Fighting Equipment Organization

1. Infantry is one of the main arms of the US Army. It is the arm of close combat. It is the infantry which ultimately decides whether ground was held or taken, and it is the presence of infantry that assures control of territory. While the tactics of employment in battle have changed, the basic missions of infantry have not. Its primary mission in attack is to close with the enemy and destroy or capture him. In defense its main mission is to hold its own position, repel the hostile assault and counterattack the enemy.

2. Only infantry can occupy and hold enemy positions after they have been defeated by tank and artillery. Infantry is capable of limited independent actions by use of its own weapons but, as a rule, it is supported by other arms.

3. Infantry fights by combining fire and maneuver. By fire, it inflicts losses on the enemy and neutralizes his combat power. By maneuver, it advances, closes with the enemy and makes its fire more effective. Being supported by other arms infantry completes the destruction of the enemy in close combat.

4. Infantry can move across any broken country in any weather by day and at night. Modern infantry can fight on foot or go into action by parachute, helicopter, armored personnel carrier, or assault boat. Infantry can operate under any climatic conditions, and can overcome natural and artificial obstacles that would stop other forces.

5. Infantry units are equipped with up-to-date powerful armament such as small arms, grenades, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, antitank guided missiles, mortars, flame-throwers, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers (APCs). Small arms include rifles, carbines, machine-guns, automatic pistols, revolvers, etc.

6. Each arm of the US Army is organized into units. Infantry units are: rifle squads, rifle platoons, rifle companies, mechanized infantry and infantry battalions, mechanized infantry and infantry divisions. (1971)

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