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Высокие технологии All engines
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VVT-i engines

B On VVT-i engines, the marks on the camshaft sprockets (arrowed) should align with the top edge of the cylinder head

A Prise out the plastic fasteners at the rear of the engine cover . . .

Non-VVT-i engines


Cylinder head cover

A The camshaft sprocket is at TDC when the hole in the sprocket lines up with the notch in the bearing cap

located by turning the crankshaft 180° and following the firing order.

- removal and refitting

1 Undo the two nuts, prise out the two plastic fasteners, and remove the plastic cover (where fitted) over the engine (see illustrations).

2 Detach the PCV hoses from the cylinder head cover.

3 Remove the HT leads from the spark plugs, handling them by the caps, not pulling on the leads, and release them from any clips on the cylinder head cover.

4 On 1.6 litre engines, remove two bolts at the timing belt end of the cylinder head cover, then pull up the wiring harness cover and wiring (see illustration).

5 Remove the ignition coils as described in Chapter 5B.

6 Remove the cylinder head cover mounting nuts/bolts, then detach the cylinder head cover and gasket from the cylinder head (see illustrations).If the cylinder head cover isstuck to the cylinder head, bump the end with a wood block and a hammer to jar it loose. If that doesn't work, try to slip a flexible putty knife between the cylinder head and cylinder head cover to break the seal.

Caution: Don't lever at the cylinder head cover-to-cylinder head joint or damage to

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