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Высокие технологии B Throttle body mounting bolts (arrowed) - VVT-i engines
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5 Detach the accelerator cable from the throttle lever (see Section 9).

6 Where applicable, detach the throttle cable bracket and set it aside (it's not necessary to detach the throttle cable from the bracket).

7 If your vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, detach the throttle valve (TV) cable from the throttle linkage (see Chapter 7B), detach the TV cable brackets from the engine and set the cable and brackets aside.

8 Clearly label, then detach, all vacuum, coolant hoses and breather hose from the throttle body.

9 Disconnect the electrical connector from the throttle position sensor (TPS), and idle speed control valve on the underside of the throttle body (where applicable)

10 Remove the throttle body mounting bolts/ nuts (see illustrations).

11 Detach the throttle body and gasket (see illustration)from the intake manifold. Discardthe gasket, a new one must be fitted.

12 Using a soft brush and carburettor cleaner, thoroughly clean the throttle body casting, then blow out all passages with compressed air.

Caution: Do not clean the throttle position sensor with anything. Just wipe it off carefully with a clean, soft cloth.

13 Refitting of the throttle body is the reverse of removal, remembering to use a new gasket. 14 Be sure to tighten the throttle body mounting bolts to the torque listed in this Chapter's Specifications. Refill the cooling system (see Chapter 1).

12.11 Fit a new throttle body gasket/seal