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Высокие технологии Changing the wheel
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From inside the luggage compartment, 1remove the trim panel and remove the

jack.. .

4Prise off the wheel trim (where fitted), then slacken each wheel nut by a half turn, using the wheelbrace. If the nuts are too tight, DON'T stand on the brace to undo them - call for assistance. On models with alloy wheels, a Toyota socket may be needed to remove the security nut - the socket should

be in the glovebox or toolkit.

2 . . . or lift the panel in the luggage compartment floor. On some models the tools are stored with the spare wheel.

5Engage the jack head with the reinforced bracket located at the end of the sill (don't jack the vehicle at any other point of the sill).

7Fit the spare wheel, then fit and screw on the nuts. Lightly tighten the nuts with the wheelbrace, then lower the vehicle to the ground. Securely tighten the wheel nuts in the sequence shown, then refit the wheel trim or hub cap, as applicable. The wheel nuts should be slackened and retightened to the specified torque (103 Nm) at the earliest possible


3 Lift the carpet then unscrew the spare wheel retainer from the centre of the wheel and lift out the wheel.

6Turn the handle clockwise until the wheel is raised clear of the ground, then unscrew the wheel bolts and remove the wheel.


• Remove the wheel chocks.

• Stow the jack and tools back in the car.

• Check the tyre pressure on the wheel just fitted. If it is low, or if you don't have a pressure gauge with you, drive slowly to the nearest garage and inflate the tyre to the correct pressure.

Note:Some models are supplied with a speciallightweight 'space-saver' spare wheel, the tyre being narrower than standard, and marked TEMPORARY USE ONLY. The space-saver spare wheel is intended only for temporary use, and must be replaced with a standard wheel as soon as possible. Drive with particular care with this wheel fitted, especially through corners and when braking - Toyota recommend a maximum speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) when the special spare wheel is in use.

0•10 Roadside repairs