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Высокие технологии Disconnect the coolant temperature gauge sender wiring plug (arrowed)
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A Remove the two nuts (smaller arrows) retaining the coolant neck to the cylinder head, then remove the top bolt (larger arrow) from the coolant pump

Use a screwdriver to lever the wiring clip from the dipstick tube bracket

Undo the radiator upper retaining bracket bolts (arrowed)

3•6 Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems

on the coolant pump by looking through the space behind the pulley just below the coolant pump shaft.

4 If the coolant pump shaft bearings fail there may be a howling sound at the front of the engine while it is running. Bearing wear can be felt if the coolant pump pulley is rocked up-and-down. Do not mistake drivebelt slippage, which causes a squealing sound, for coolant pump failure.

7 Coolant pump -removal and refitting

Warning: Do not start this procedure until the engine is completely cool.