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Высокие технологии For the check to be accurate, the steering must not be turned once the engine has been stopped.
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Before you start

Power steering fluid level

Weekly checks 0•15

• Make sure that the car is on level ground.

• Set the steering wheel straight-ahead.

• The engine should be turned off.

Safety first!

• The need for frequent topping-up indicates a leak, which should be investigated immediately.

1The reservoir is mounted on the right-hand side of the engine compartment. The HOT and COLD levels are marked on the reservoir (arrowed)...

3With the engine stopped check the level through the side of the reservoir, or dip the fluid with the reservoir cap/dipstick by screwing it fully back into place. When

the engine is cold, the fluid level should be between the between the COLD marks; when hot it should be between the HOT marks. Add fluid if necessary.

2... whilst on others, it's necessary

to unscrew the cap/dipstick from the reservoir. Wipe clean the area around the reservoir filler neck, before unscrewing the

filler cap/dipstick from the reservoir.

4When topping-up, use the specified type of fluid - do not overfill the reservoir. When the level is correct, securely refit the cap.