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Высокие технологии Fuel injection system
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- depressurisation

1 Before servicing any fuel system component, you must relieve the fuel pressure to minimise the risk of fire or personal injury.

2 Remove the fuel filler cap - this will relieve any pressure built-up in the tank.

3 Remove the rear seat from the passenger cabin, then prise up the fuel pump/sender unit access cover (see illustration 3.4).

4 Remove the fuel pump connector (see illustration 3.5a).

5 Start the engine and wait for the engine to stall, then turn the ignition off.

6 The fuel system is now depressurised.

Note:Place a rag around the fuel line beforeremoving any hose clamp or fitting to prevent any residual fuel from spilling onto the engine.

Fuel and exhaust systems 4A•3

7 Before working on the fuel system, disconnect the cable from the negative terminal of the battery (see Chapter 5A).

8 Refit the connector when the job is completed.

3 Fuel pump-removal and refitting

Warning: Petrol is extremely flammable, so take extra precautions when you work on any part of the fuel system. Don't smoke or

allow open flames or bare light bulbs near the work area, and don't work in a garage where a natural gas-type appliance (such as a water heater or a clothes dryer) with a pilot light is present. Since petrol is carcinogenic, wear latex gloves when there's a possibility of being exposed to fuel, and, if you spill any fuel on your skin, rinse it off immediately with soap and water. Mop-up any spills immediately and do not store fuel-soaked rags where they could ignite. The fuel system is under constant pressure, so, if any fuel pipes are to be disconnected, the fuel pressure in the system must be relieved first. When you perform any kind of work on the fuel system, wear safety glasses and have a Class B type fire extinguisher on hand.

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