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Высокие технологии Fuel tank cleaning and repair
просмотров - 273

Refitting and adjustment


Accelerator cable

- removal, refitting and adjustment

1 Loosen the locknut on the threaded portion of the throttle cable at the throttle body (see illustration).

2 Rotate the throttle lever and slip the cable end out of the slot in the lever (see illustration) Release the cable from the retaining clips/ brackets in the engine compartment.

3 Remove the driver's side lower facia panel as described in Chapter 11.

4 Squeeze together the ends of the retaining clips, and pull the plastic grommet/fitting from the accelerator pedal, then detach the cable

(see illustration).Remove the two boltssecuring the cable retainer to the bulkhead.

5 From inside the vehicle, pull the cable through the bulkhead.

6 Refitting is the reverse of removal. Make sure the cable casing grommet seats properly in the bulkhead.

7 To adjust the cable, fully depress the accelerator pedal and check that the throttle is fully opened.

- general information

1 Any repairs to the fuel tank or filler neck should be carried out by a professional who has experience in this critical and potentially dangerous work. Even after cleaning and flushing of the fuel system, explosive fumes can remain and ignite during repair of the tank.

2 If the fuel tank is removed from the vehicle, it should not be placed in an area where sparks or open flames could ignite the fumes coming out of the tank. Be especially careful inside garages where a natural gas-type appliance is located, because the pilot light could cause an explosion.