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Высокие технологии Instruments
просмотров - 295

Every 16 000 km or 12 months

VVT-i models -

Every 15 000 km or 12 months

Non-VVT-i models -

Road test

To check the clutch pedal free play, measure the distance between the natural resting place of the pedal and point where you encounter resistance

Prise open the battery case cover

Every 16 000 km or 12 months

1 Reach under the passenger's side of the facia, remove the retaining clips and remove the cover over the filter (see illustration).

2 Pull the tab downwards, and pull the filter from the housing (see illustration). The filter is designed to fold as it's withdrawn.

3 Check the condition of the filter, and renew it if dirty.

4 Wipe clean the inside of the housing and fit the pollen filter element, making sure that it is correctly seated.

5 Refit the pollen filter cover and secure it in place with the clips.

andelectrical equipment

1 Check the operation of all instruments and electrical equipment.

2 Make sure that all instruments read correctly,

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