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Высокие технологии Label both ends of each wire and hose before disconnecting it
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the work involved, rather than a step-by-step procedure. Where differences are encountered, or additional component disconnection or removal is necessary, make notes of the work involved as an aid to refitting.

4 Engine-

removal and refitting

Note:Read through the entire Sectionbefore beginning this procedure. The factory recommends removing the engine and transmission from the top as a unit, then separating the engine from the transmission on the workshop floor. If the transmission is not being serviced, it is possible to leave the transmission in the vehicle and remove the engine from the top by itself, by removing the crankshaft pulley and tilting up the timing belt/ chain end of the engine for clearance.

Warning: These models are equipped with airbags. The airbag is armed and can deploy

(inflate) anytime the battery is connected. To prevent accidental deployment (and possible injury), turn the ignition key to LOCK and disconnect the negative battery cable whenever working near airbag components. After the battery is disconnected, wait at least two minutes before beginning work (the system has a back-up capacitor that must fully discharge). For more information see Chapter 12.