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Высокие технологии Lever only at the overhang, not between the mating surfaces
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16 Use a gasket scraper to remove all traces of carbon and old gasket material (see illustration),then clean the mating surfaceswith brake cleaner. If there's oil on the mating surfaces when the cylinder head is installed, the gasket may not seal correctly and leaks could develop. When working on the block, stuff the cylinders with clean rags to keep out debris. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove material that falls into the cylinders.

17 Check the block and cylinder head mating surfaces for nicks, deep scratches and other damage. If damage is slight, it can be removed with a file; if it's excessive, machining may be the only alternative.

18 Use a tap of the correct size to chase the threads in the cylinder head bolt holes, then clean the holes with compressed air - make sure that nothing remains in the holes.

Warning: Wear eye protection when using compressed air.

19 Mount each bolt in a vice and run a die down the threads to remove corrosion and restore the threads. Dirt, corrosion, sealant and damaged threads will affect torque readings.

20 On VVT-i engines, measure the overall

length of the cylinder head bolts. If any of the bolts lengths exceeds that given in the Specifications (indicating excessive stretching), renew all the cylinder head bolts

(see illustration).

21 On all engines, install any components that were removed from the cylinder head.

22 Position the new gasket over the dowel pins in the block (see illustration). On VVT-i