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Высокие технологии Manual transmission fluid level plug (arrowed)
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Fluid renewal

Level check

Every 16 000 km or 12 months

Every 15 000 km or 12 months VVT-i models -

1 The manual transmission does not have a dipstick. To check the fluid level, raise the vehicle and support it securely on axle stands (see Jacking and vehicle support). Undo the screws and remove the left-hand side engine undershield (where fitted).

2 On the lower front side of the transmission housing, you will see a plug (see illustration). Remove it. If the lubricant level is correct, it should be up to the lower edge of the hole.

3 If the transmission needs more lubricant (if the level is not up to the hole), use a syringe or a gear oil pump to add more. Stop filling the transmission when the lubricant begins to run out the hole.

4 Refit the plug and tighten it to the specified torque. Drive the vehicle a short distance, then check for leaks.

5 Take the vehicle for a drive of sufficient length to warm-up the transmission fluid.

Although this is not essential, it does help to ensure all the fluid is drained, along with any contaminants.

6 Raise the vehicle, and remove the left-hand engine undershield as described in paragraph 1.

7 The fluid drain plug is located on the underside of the transmission casing (see illustration).Position a suitable container, and

undo the drain plug. Recover the drain plug sealing washer. Renew it if it shows any sign of damage, wear, or deformity.

8 Once the fluid has finished draining, refit the drain plug (with a new washer where necessary), and tighten it to the specified torque.

9 Remove the filler plug and refill the trans-mission as described in paragraphs 2, 3 and 4.

9 Auxiliary drivebelt check, adjustment and renewal