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Высокие технологии Measure the overall length of the cylinder head bolts - VVT-i engines
просмотров - 247

Non-VVT-i engines

A Note the markings for UP on the gasket - Non-VVT-i engines

Remove all traces of old gasket material

engines, the 'Lot number' must be facing upwards (see illustration).

23 Carefully set the cylinder head on the block without disturbing the gasket.

24 Before installing the cylinder head bolts, apply a small amount of clean engine oil to the threads and under the bolt heads.

25 Install the bolts and tighten them finger tight. Install the shorter bolts along the intake side of the cylinder head and the longer bolts along the exhaust side. Following the recommended sequence, tighten the bolts in three steps to the torque listed in this Chapter's Specifications (see illustrations).Some of the Stages of thetightening sequence require the bolts to be angle-tightened. If you don't have an angle-torque attachment for your torque wrench, simply apply a paint mark at one edge of each cylinder head bolt and tighten the bolt until that mark is 90 degrees from where you started.

11.22b On VVT-i engines, the 'Lot number' (arrowed) must face upwards

26 The remaining refitting steps are the reverse of removal. Note: If the semi-circular rubber plug had been removed from the cylinder head, reinstall it with some RTV sealant.