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Высокие технологии Measure the spark plug electrode gap with a feeler gauge
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Spark plug renewal

for at least two minutes, and then switch it off.

If the brake pedal is depressed now, it should

be possible to detect a hiss from the servo as

the pedal is depressed. After about four or

five applications, no further hissing should be

heard, and the pedal should feel considerably


  Non-VVT-i models -
  every 30 000 km or 2 years
  VVT-i models -  
22.1 To change the spark plugs you'll every 65 000 km or 4 years
need a torque wrench, extension, ratchet, 1 Spark plug renewal requires a spark plug
socket and a set of feeler gauges socket which fits onto a ratchet. This socket

Maintenance procedures 1•17

is lined with a rubber grommet to protect the porcelain insulator of the spark plug and to hold the plug while you insert it into the spark plug hole. You will also need a feeler gauge to check and adjust the spark plug gap and a torque wrench to tighten the new plugs to the specified torque (see illustration).

2 If you are renewing the plugs, purchase the new plugs, adjust them to the proper gap and then fit each plug one at a time. Note: When buying new spark plugs, it's essential that you obtain the correct plugs for your specific vehicle. This information can be found in the Specifications Section at the beginning of this

Chapter, or in the owner's handbook.

3 Inspect each of the new plugs for defects. If there are any signs of cracks in the porcelain insulator of a plug, don't use it.

4 Check the electrode gaps of the new plugs. Check the gap by inserting the feeler gauge of the proper thickness between the electrodes at the tip of the plug (see illustration). The gap between the electrodes should be identical to that listed in this Chapter's Specifications. If the gap is incorrect, carefully bend the curved side electrode slightly.

Caution: Some plugs are supplied with the gap preset. There is no need to adjust them.

5 If the side electrode is not exactly over the centre electrode, align them.