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Высокие технологии Never be allowed to drop below the MIN mark.
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The fluid level in the brake reservoir will drop slightly as the brake pads wear down, but the fluid level must

Before you start

• Make sure that the car is on level ground.

The MAX and MIN marks are indicated on 1the reservoirs. The brake fluid reservoir (MAX and MIN marks arrowed) is located in the right-hand rear corner of the engine


2. . . and the clutch reservoir is adjacent to it. The fluid level must be kept between the marks (arrowed) at all times. If

topping-up is necessary, first wipe clean the area around the filler cap to prevent dirt entering the hydraulic system.

Safety first!

• If the reservoir(s) require repeated topping-up, this is an indication of a fluid leak somewhere in the system, which should be investigated immediately.

• If a leak is suspected, the car should not be driven until the braking system has been checked. Never take any risks where brakes are concerned.

3Unscrew the brake fluid reservoir cap and carefully lift it out of position. The clutch fluid reservoir cap peels off. Inspect the reservoir, if the fluid is dirty, the hydraulic system should be drained and refilled (see

Chapter 1 or 6).

4Carefully add fluid, taking care not to spill it onto the surrounding components. Use only the specified fluid; mixing different types can cause damage to the system. After topping-up to the correct level, securely refit the cap and wipe off any spilt fluid. Reconnect

the fluid level wiring connector.