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Высокие технологии New one
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Undo the thermostat cover nuts 3.14 Discard the thermostat seal, and fit a

Non-VVT-i engines


Engine cooling fan and relay

All engines

18 Refill the cooling system (see Chapter 1), run the engine and check for leaks and proper operation.

- testing and renewal

Warning: To avoid possible injury, keep clear of the fan blades, as they may start turning at any time.

Note:No cooling fan temperature switch is fittedto VVT-i engines. The coolant temperature is monitored by the engine management ECM via the coolant temperature sensor, and the fans are operated by energising the cooling fan relay(s).

1 If the radiator fan won't turn off when the engine is cool, disconnect the wiring

3.15 Fit the thermostat with the jiggle pin at the 12 o'clock position

3•4 Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems

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