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Высокие технологии No 1 cooling fan relay (1) and main engine relay (2)
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3 To test an inoperative fan motor (one that doesn't come on when the engine gets hot or when the air conditioner is on), first check the fuses and/or fusible links (see Chapter 12). Then disconnect the electrical connector at the motor and use fused jumper wires to connect the fan directly to the battery (see illustration).If the fan still does not work,renew the fan motor.

Warning: Do not allow the test clips to contact each other or any metallic part of the vehicle.

4 If the motor tested OK in the previous test but is still inoperative, then the fault lies in the relays, fuse, or wiring. The fan relay and main engine relay can be tested as described below.


5 Locate the main relay box, located in the engine compartment, on the left-side.

Air conditioned models have extra relays in a separate box next to the battery (see illustration).

6 Remove the No 1 cooling fan relay and, using an ohmmeter, test for continuity (see illustration).Both Nippondenso and Bosch-made relays are used, and the terminals are numbered differently. Be sure to test either relay as shown in the illustration.

7 If the fan relay tests OK, remove the main engine relay and test it (see illustration). There should be continuity between terminals 3 and 5, and between 2 and 4. There should be NO con-tinuity between terminals 1 and 2. With battery voltage applied across terminals 3 and 5, there should be continuity between 1 and 2, and NO continuity between 2 and 4. If both relays test OK, take the vehicle to a suitably-equipped repairer who will be able to interrogate the vehicles self-diagnosis system.