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Высокие технологии Non-VVT-i engines
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C On some models, there are two fuel connections to the pump cover - one for feed and one for return

B Squeeze in the release buttons and pull the fuel pipe from the pump cover

Prise up the access cover over the fuel pump

15 Refitting is the reverse of removal.

3.5a Depress the clips and disconnect the pump/sender wiring plug

17 Disconnect the cable from the negative

1 Remove the fuel tank cap.

2 Disconnect the cable from the negative terminal of the battery (see Chapter 5A).

3 Remove the rear seat cushion, and lift the carpet underneath it (see Chapter 11).

4 Using a flat-bladed tool, carefully prise up the fuel pump/sender unit access cover (see illustration).

5 Disconnect the electrical connector, and disconnect the fuel pipe(s) (see illustrations).

6 Remove the fuel pump/sender unit cover retaining bolts (see illustration).

7 Carefully withdraw the fuel pump/fuel level sender unit assembly from the fuel tank (see illustration).

8 Pry the lower end of the fuel pump loose from the bracket (see illustration).

9 Remove the rubber cushion from the lower end of the fuel pump.

10 Remove the clip securing the inlet screen to the pump.

11 Remove the screen and inspect it for contamination. If it is dirty, renew it.

12 If you are only renewing the fuel pump inlet screen, install the new screen, the clip and the rubber cushion, push the lower end of the pump back into the bracket and install the pump/sender unit assembly in the fuel tank.

13 If you are renewing the fuel pump, remove the hose clamp at the upper end of the pump and disconnect the pump from the hose (see illustration).

14 Disconnect the wires from the pump terminals and remove the pump.