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Высокие технологии Non-VVT-i models -
просмотров - 165

Manual transmission fluid level check

Differential filler and drain plug details (three-speed automatic transmission)


7.4 HOT max and min marks are the 7.7 Automatic transmission drain plug  
right-hand arrows, the COOL max and min  
marks are on the left (arrowed)  

9 The three-speed automatic transmission differential has a separate lubricant supply with a check/filler plug which must be removed to check the level.

10 Remove the filler plug from the front of the differential (see illustration).

11 Use your finger as a dipstick to make sure the lubricant level is even with the bottom of

Maintenance procedures 1•11

the plug hole. If not, use a syringe or a gear oil pump to add the recommended lubricant until it just starts to run out of the hole. Refit the plug and tighten it securely.

12 To renew the differential fluid, position a container under the differential fluid drain plug, remove the plug and allow the fluid to drain. Tighten the plug securely.

13 Refill the differential as described in paragraphs 9 to 11.