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Высокие технологии Number each injector electrical connector before disconnecting them from the fuel rail
просмотров - 343

Using a jumper wire or paper clip, bridge terminals TE1 and E1

Renewal - Non-VVT-i engines


Fuel rail and fuel Injectors

35 Refer to the fuel injection system checking procedure (see Section 11).

36 Relieve the fuel pressure (see Section 2).

37 Remove the PCV hose(s) from the cylinder head and intake manifold.

38 Carefully mark each injector connector with a felt pen or paint (see illustration).

Disconnect the fuel injector electrical connectors and set the injector wire harness aside. On 1.3 litre engines remove the bolt and detach the harness from the air intake plenum stay bar. Remove the nut and bolt, then remove the stay bar.

39 Detach the vacuum sensing hose from the fuel pressure regulator.

40 Disconnect the fuel pipes from the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel rail.

41 Remove the fuel rail mounting bolts (see illustration).

42 Remove the fuel rail with the fuel injectors attached (see illustration).

43 Remove the fuel injector(s) from the fuel rail and set them aside in a clearly labelled storage container.

31 Remove the throttle body (see para-graphs 3 to 11). Note: The ISC valve and