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Высокие технологии Preparation
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Wheel changing

Or broken, alternator wiring fault or alternator itself faulty).

Leaving the lights on.

2The charging system is not working properly (alternator drivebelt slack

3The battery itself is at fault (electrolyte low, or battery worn out).

Connect one end of the red jump lead to Connect the other end of the red lead to

the positive (+) terminal of the flat the positive (+) terminal of the booster

battery battery.

Connect one end of the black jump lead to the negative (-) terminal of the booster battery

Connect the other end of the black jump lead to a bolt or bracket on the engine on the vehicle to be started.

Make sure that the jump leads will not come into contact with the cooling fan, drivebelts or other moving parts of the engine.

Start the engine using the booster battery and run it at idle speed. Switch on the lights, rear window demister and heater blower motor, then disconnect the jump leads in the reverse order of connection. Turn off the lights etc.

Roadside repairs 0•9

Warning: Do not change a wheel in a situation where you risk being hit by other traffic. On busy roads, try to stop in a lay-by or a gateway. Be wary of passing traffic while changing the wheel - it is easy to become distracted by the job in hand.

• When a puncture occurs, stop as soon as it is safe to do so.

• Park on firm level ground, if possible, and well out of the way of other traffic.

• Use hazard warning lights if necessary.

• If you have one, use a warning triangle to alert other drivers of your presence.

• Apply the handbrake and engage first or reverse gear (or Park on models with automatic transmission).

• Chock the wheel diagonally opposite the one being removed - a couple of large stones will do for this.

• If the ground is soft, use a flat piece of wood to spread the load under the jack.

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