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Высокие технологии Pull the filter downwards from the housing
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The clutch pedal pushrod play, pedal height and free play adjustments are made by slackening the locknut and turning the threaded adjuster

The battery is fitted positive side upwards

Pull out the clips (arrowed) and remove the pollen filter cover

and switch on all electrical equipment in turn to check it functions properly.

Steeringand suspension

3 Check for any abnormalities in the steering, suspension, handling or road 'feel'.

4 Drive the vehicle, and check that there are no unusual vibrations or noises.

5 Check that the steering feels positive, with no excessive 'sloppiness', or roughness, and check for any suspension noises when cornering, or when driving over bumps.

6 Check the performance of the engine, clutch, transmission and driveshafts.

7 Listen for any unusual noises from the engine, clutch and transmission.

1•16 Maintenance procedures