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Высокие технологии Radiator drain tap (arrowed)
просмотров - 169

The painted surfaces of the vehicle. Rinse off spills immediately with plenty of water. Never leave antifreeze lying around in

Every 65 000 km or 3 years

VVT-i models -

Every 60 000 km or 4 years

Non-VVT-i models -

Coolant renewal

VVT-i engines

Non-VVT-i engines

17 Attach the plug lead to the new spark plug, again using a twisting motion on the boot until it is firmly seated on the end of the spark plug.

18 Follow the above procedure for the remaining spark plugs, renewing them one at a time to prevent mixing up the spark plug leads.

19 Refit the coils to the top of each spark plug, ensuring the dust seal (where fitted) is correctly located. Tighten the ignition coil bolts to the specified torque,

Warning: Wait until the engine is cold before starting this procedure. Do not allow antifreeze to come in contact with your skin, or with

22.16b A length of 8 mm ID rubber hose will save time and prevent damaged threads when installing the spark plugs an open container, or in a puddle in the driveway or on the garage floor. Children and pets are attracted by its sweet smell,