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Высокие технологии Radiator flushing
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There is a coolant drain tap on the rear of the engine block

Cooling system flushing

Cooling system draining

But antifreeze can be fatal if ingested.

1 With the engine completely cold, unscrew the radiator pressure cap.

2 Undo the screws and remove the right-hand engine undershield (where fitted) (see illustration 3.3).

3 Position a suitable container beneath the coolant drain tap at the lower right-hand side of the radiator, then open the drain tap, and allow the coolant to drain into the container

(see illustration).When the coolant hasfinished draining, close the tap.

4 Move the container to under the rear of the engine block, then open the block drain tap and drain the coolant into the container (see illustration).Once the coolant has finisheddraining, close the tap.

5 If coolant renewal has been neglected, or if the antifreeze mixture has become diluted, then in time, the cooling system may gradually lose efficiency, as the coolant passages become restricted due to rust, scale deposits, and other sediment. The cooling system efficiency can be restored by flushing the system clean.

6 The radiator should be flushed separately from the engine, to avoid excess contamination.

7 Disconnect the top and bottom hoses and any other relevant hoses from the radiator (see Chapter 3).

8 Insert a garden hose into the radiator top inlet. Direct a flow of clean water through the radiator, and continue flushing until clean water emerges from the radiator bottom outlet.

9 If after a reasonable period, the water still does not run clear, the radiator can be flushed with a good proprietary cleaning agent. It is important that their manufacturer's instructions are followed carefully. If the contamination is particularly bad, insert the hose in the radiator bottom outlet, and reverse-flush the radiator.