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Высокие технологии Removal
просмотров - 212

A Carefully lever the oil sump away from the block

Remove the front bolts of the chassis brace (arrowed)

Cylinder head bolts tightening sequence - VVT-i engines

All engines

VVT-i engines

27 Install the cylinder head bolts and washers, then tighten them in sequence to the

Stage 1 torque setting (see illustration).

28 Angle tighten the bolts a further 90° in sequence.

29 Check and adjust the valve clearances as necessary (see Chapter 1).

30 The remainder of refitting is a reversal of removal, noting the following points:

a) Refill the cooling system, install a new oil filter and add oil to the engine (see Chapter 1).

b) Run the engine and check for leaks.

c) Road test the vehicle.

11.25a Cylinder head bolt tightening 11.25b Cylinder head bolt tightening
sequence - 1.3 litre sequence - 1.6 litre non VVT-i engines

2A•18 Engine in-car repair procedures

12 Oil sump-removal and refitting

1 Set the parking brake and block the rear wheels.

2 Raise the front of the vehicle and support

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