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Высокие технологии Remove the bonnet slam panel brace
просмотров - 148

Undo the fan shroud-to-panel brace bolt (arrowed)

Release the clips and disconnect the automatic transmission fluid cooler pipes (arrowed)

Coolant reservoir

14 Remove the battery and battery tray (Chapter 5A), then undo the reservoir retaining bolt.

15 Pour the coolant into a container. Wash out and inspect the reservoir for cracks and chafing. Renew it if damaged.

16 Refitting is the reverse of removal.

6 Coolant pump -testing

1 A failure in the coolant pump can cause serious engine damage due to overheating.

2 With the engine running and warmed to normal operating temperature, squeeze the upper radiator hose. If the coolant pump is working properly, a pressure surge should be felt as the hose is released.

Warning: Keep hands away from fan blades.

3 Coolant pumps are normally equipped with weep or vent holes (see illustration 7.12). If a failure occurs in the pump seal, coolant will leak from this hole. In most cases it will be necessary to use a flashlight to find the hole