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Высокие технологии Renewal - VVT-i engines
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Camshaft position sensor


Crankshaft position sensor wiring plug (arrowed)

of the sensor. Compare the readings obtained with those given in the Specifications at the

78 Refitting is a reversal of removal. Note: If a new module has been fitted, it may be necessary to be recode it using special test equipment. Entrust this task to a Toyota dealer or suitably-equipped specialist. After reconnecting the battery, the vehicle must be driven for several km so that the ECM can learn its basic settings.

If the engine still runs erratically, the basic settings may be reinstated by a Toyota dealer or specialist using special diagnostic equipment.

Testing-VVT-i engines

Note:The following procedure only appliesto those sensors manufactured by Denso. No information concerning Bosch sensors was available.

79 The sensor is located at the front, left-hand end of the cylinder head. Disconnect the sensor wiring plug, and connect the leads of an ohmmeter to the sensor terminals.

80 On a cold engine, then resistance should be 835 to 1400 Ohms. On a hot engine, the resistance should be 1060 to 1645 Ohms.

81 Disconnect the sensor wiring plug.

82 Undo the retaining bolt, and pull the sensor from position (see illustration). Discard the O-ring seal, a new one must be fitted.

83 Insert the sensor into the cylinder head, with a new O-ring seal.

Crankshaft position/speed sensor