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Высокие технологии Set the crankshaft key in the
просмотров - 148

Align the camshaft sprocket marks (arrowed) with the top surface of the cylinder head

A Fit the exhaust camshaft sprocket with the timing marks facing outwards . . .

Press in the top of the locking pawl and check the plunger moves freely

Pull the chain taut, and measure the length over 16 pins as shown

B . . . then tighten the bolt whilst holding the camshaft with a spanner at its hexagonal section

Align the pin on the camshaft with the locating hole in the VVT-i unit

a spanner on the hexagonal section, rotate the camshaft(s) slightly to bring them into alignment.

28 Check that the locating key in the end of the crankshaft is in the 12 o'clock position

2A•10 Engine in-car repair procedures

12 o'clock position (the key aligns with the mark on the oil pump body - arrowed)