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Высокие технологии Slacken the locknut on the accelerator cable
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Fuel system

Fuel injection system



Air cleaner assembly

- removal and refitting

1 Detach the clips, and remove the air filter cover and the filter element (see illustrations).

2 Remove the three bolts and remove the air cleaner assembly from the engine compartment, disconnecting the intake hose as the assembly is withdrawn (see illustrations).

3 Refitting is the reverse of removal.

8 If not fully opened, loosen the locknuts, depress accelerator pedal and adjust the cable until the throttle is fully open.

9 Tighten the locknuts and recheck the adjustment. Make sure the throttle closes fully when the pedal is released.

- general information

These models are equipped with a

Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection (SEFI) system. The SEFI system is composed of three basic subsystems: fuel system, air induction system and electronic control system.

An electric fuel pump located inside the fuel tank supplies fuel under constant pressure to

9.2 Remove the cable end fitting from the 9.4 Squeeze the ends of the retaining clip
slot in the lever (arrowed) and pull the plastic grommet/
  fitting from the pedal

Fuel and exhaust systems 4A•7

11.6 Use carburettor cleaner, a brush and a rag to clean the throttle body - open thethrottle plate to clean behind it

the fuel rail, which distributes fuel evenly to all injectors. From the fuel rail, fuel is injected into the intake ports, just above the intake valves, by fuel injectors. The amount of fuel supplied by the injectors is precisely controlled by an Electronic Control Module (ECM). A pressure regulator controls system pressure in relation to intake manifold vacuum (Non-VVT-i engines). A fuel filter between the fuel pump and the fuel rail filters fuel to protect the components of the system is only fitted to Non-VVT-i engines.