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Высокие технологии Testing
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Thermostat -

The thermostat gasket fits around the edge of the thermostat

testing and renewal

Warning: Do not attempt to remove the radiator cap, coolant or thermostat until the engine has cooled completely.

1 Before assuming the thermostat is responsible for a cooling system problem, check the coolant level (Chapter 1), drivebelt tension (Chapter 1) and temperature gauge (or light) operation.

2 If the engine takes a long time to warm-up (as indicated by the temperature gauge or heater operation), the thermostat is probably stuck open. Renew the thermostat.

3 If the engine runs hot, use your hand to check the temperature of the radiator top hose. If the hose is not hot, but the engine is, the thermostat is probably stuck in the closed position, preventing the coolant inside the engine from travelling through the radiator. Renew the thermostat.

Caution: Do not drive the vehicle without a thermostat. The engine management ECM may stay in open loop and emissions and fuel economy will suffer.

4 If the radiator top hose is hot, it means that the coolant is flowing and the thermostat is open. Consult the Fault finding Section at the rear of this manual for further diagnosis.

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