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Высокие технологии The exhaust system is attached to the vehicle body with rubber hangers
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The system components have cooled completely.

1 The exhaust system consists of the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, the silencer, the tailpipe and all connecting pipes, brackets, rubber-mountings and clamps. The exhaust system is attached to the body with mounting brackets and rubber hangers (see illustration).If any of these parts are damagedor deteriorated, excessive noise and vibration will be transmitted to the body.

2 Conducting regular inspections of the exhaust system will keep it safe and quiet. Look for any damaged or bent parts, open seams, holes, loose connections, excessive corrosion or other defects, which could allow exhaust fumes to enter the vehicle. Deteriorated exhaust system components should not be repaired - they should be renewed.

3 If the exhaust system components are extremely corroded or rusted together, they will probably have to be cut from the exhaust system. The convenient way to accomplish this is to have a exhaust specialist remove the corroded sections with a cutting torch. If, however, you want to save money by doing it yourself and you don't have an oxy/acetylene welding outfit with a cutting torch, simply cut off the old components with a hacksaw. If you have compressed air, special pneumatic cutting chisels can also be used. If you do decide to tackle the job at home, be sure to wear eye protection to protect your eyes from metal chips and work gloves to protect your hands.

4 Here are some simple guidelines to apply when repairing the exhaust system:

a) Work from the back to the front when removing exhaust system components.

b) Apply penetrating oil to the exhaust system component fasteners to make them easier to remove.

c) Use new gaskets, rubber-mountings and clamps when installing exhaust system components.

d) Apply anti-seize compound to the threads of all exhaust system fasteners during reassembly.

e) Be sure to allow sufficient clearance between newly fitted parts and all points on the underbody to avoid overheating the floorpan and possibly damaging

the interior carpet and insulation. Pay particularly close attention to the catalytic converter and its heat shield.

Warning: The catalytic converter operates at very high temperatures and takes a long time to cool. Wait

until it's completely cool before attempting to remove the converter. Failure to do so could result in serious burns.


Chapter 4 Part B:

Emission control systems