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Высокие технологии Underfacia arrangement of the blower unit, evaporator, and heater unit (LHD model shown, RHD is a mirror image)
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fluid level and as a holding tank for overheated

1 General information coolant.

This type of cooling system is known as a closed design because coolant that escapes past the pressure cap is saved and re-used.

A blower fan forces the warmer air of the passenger compartment through the evaporator matrix (sort of a radiator-in-reverse), transferring the heat from the air to the refrigerant. The liquid refrigerant boils off into low pressure vapour, taking the heat with it when it leaves the evaporator. The compressor keeps refrigerant circulating through the system, pumping the warmed refrigerant through the condenser where it is cooled and then circulated back to the evaporator.

2 Antifreeze/coolant-

general information

Warning: Do not allow antifreeze to come in contact with your skin or painted surfaces of the vehicle.

Rinse off spills immediately with plenty of water. Antifreeze is highly toxic if ingested. Never leave antifreeze lying around in an open container or in puddles on the floor; children and pets are attracted by its sweet smell and may drink it. Check with local authorities about disposing of