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Высокие технологии Undo the bolts (arrowed) and remove the chain guide
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Undo the bolt (arrowed) and remove the tensioner slipper

Insert a flat-bladed screwdriver into the leverage point provided (arrowed)


Pull the timing chain taut by hand,
and measure the length of 16 pins (see

Engine in-car repair procedures 2A•9

illustration).Repeat this procedure at 3or more sections of the chain. If any of the measurements obtained exceed that given in the Specifications, the chain must be renewed.

22 Wrap the chain around the crankshaft sprocket and use a pair of vernier calipers to measure the diameter of the assembly (see illustration).If the measurement obtainedis less than that given in the Specifications, renew the chain and all the sprockets. Repeat this procedure on both camshaft sprockets.

23 Check the condition of the chain guide and tensioner slipper. There should be no sign of cracking or damage. As the chain runs along the guide/slipper it will create two grooves along the slipper/guide length. The maximum depth of these grooves is 1.0 mm. If their depth exceeds this, renew the slipper/ guide.

24 Press the top of the locking pawl on the tensioner assembly to disengage the pawl from the plunger, and check that the plunger moves smoothly in and out of the housing (see illustration).Release the pawl and checkthat the plunger cannot be pushed into the housing with your finger.