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Высокие технологии Undo the two bolts (arrowed) securing the lower facia panel
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Undo the metal shield retaining screws (arrowed)

Cable adjustment

B . . . and carefully pull the centre cluster finish panel from place


functioning of the heater (and air conditioning, if equipped).

16 With the cables attached at the control end and the control assembly installed in the dash, adjust the cables at their ends. The controls should be set to: RECIRC, COOL, and DEF.

17 To adjust the recirculation control cable set the damper lever to RECIRC, install the cable and clamp it in place.

18 To adjust the temperature control cable, set the air mix damper to COOL, install the cable and lock the clamp while applying slight pressure on the outer cable.

19 To adjust the heat distribution control cable, set the mode damper to the DEF mode, hook the cable end on and tighten the clamp.

12 Air conditioning and heating system -testing and maintenance