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Высокие технологии Used antifreeze. Many communities have collection centres which will see that antifreeze is disposed of safely. Never dump used antifreeze on the ground or into drains.
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Use a hydrometer to test the strength of the antifreeze mixture

The cooling system should be filled with a water/ethylene-glycol based antifreeze solution, which will prevent freezing down to at least -30° C, or lower if local climate requires it. It also provides protection against corrosion and increases the coolant boiling point.

The cooling system should be drained, flushed and refilled regularly (see Chapter 1). The use of antifreeze solutions for extended periods is likely to cause damage and encourage the formation of rust and scale in the system. If your tap water is 'hard', ie, contains a lot of dissolved minerals, use distilled water with the antifreeze.

Before adding antifreeze to the system, check all hose connections, because antifreeze tends to search out and leak through very minute openings. Engines do not normally consume coolant. Therefore, if the level goes down, find the cause and correct it.

The exact mixture of antifreeze-to-water you should use depends on the relative weather conditions. The mixture should contain at least 50 percent antifreeze, but should never contain more than 70 percent antifreeze. Consult the mixture ratio chart on the antifreeze container before adding coolant. Hydrometers are available at most motor parts/accessory stores to test the ratio of antifreeze to water (see illustration).Use antifreeze which meetsthe vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

Note:The antifreeze available from a Toyotadealer is ready-mixed and doesn't require further dilution.

Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems 3•3

3.6 Disconnect the switch connector 3.8 The thermostat is fitted with the spring
(arrowed) and remove the two nuts (arrow towards the cylinder head
indicates upper nut)