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Высокие технологии Valve components
просмотров - 123


Measure the free length of each valve spring

Check the cylinder head gasket surface for warpage by trying to slip a feeler gauge under the straight-edge

2B•6 Engine removal and overhaul procedures

exceeds the limit found in this Chapter's

Specifications, it can be resurfaced at an automotive machining workshop.

13 Examine the valve seats in each of the combustion chambers. If they're pitted, cracked or burned, the head will require valve service that's beyond the scope of the home mechanic.

14 If in any doubt as to the condition of the cylinder head, have it inspected by an automotive engine overhaul specialist.

15 Carefully inspect each valve face for uneven wear, deformation, cracks, pits and burned areas. Check the valve stem for scuffing and galling and the neck for cracks. Rotate the valve and check for any obvious indication that it's bent. Look for pits and excessive wear on the end of the stem. The presence of any of these conditions indicates the need for valve service by an automotive machine shop.

16 If in any doubt as to the condition of the valves, have them inspected by an automotive engine overhaul specialist.

17 Check each valve spring for wear (on the ends) and pits. Measure the free length and compare it to this Chapter's Specifications (see illustration).Any springs that are shorterthan specified have sagged and should not be re-used.

18 Stand each spring on a flat surface and check it for squareness (see illustration). If