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Высокие технологии VVT-i engines
просмотров - 136

A Measure the driven rotor-to-body clearance with a feeler gauge

20 Tighten the bolts to the torque listed in this Chapter's Specifications in three or four steps. Follow a criss-cross pattern to avoid warping the body.

21 The remainder of reassembly is a reversal of removal.

22 Lubricate the pump rotors with clean engine oil, and place them in the pump body with the marks facing the pump body cover side.

23 Refit the pump body cover and tighten the retaining screws to the specified torque.

24 Refit the oil pressure relief piston and spring, then tighten the plug to the specified torque.

25 Position a new gasket on the engine block, then refit the oil pump. Ensure the flats on the drive rotor align with the flats machined on the crankshaft, and tighten the bolts to the specified torque (see illustration).

26 Refit the timing chain as described in Section 6.

14 Oil pressure switch -renewal

1 The oil pressure switch is located on the front face of the engine block, at the left-hand end (4E-FE engine), right-hand end (4A-FE engine), or above the oil filter (4ZZ-FE and 3ZZ-FE engines).

2 Disconnect the wiring plug from the switch

(see illustrations).

13.18 Apply a bead of sealant as shown 13.19 Align the flats in the pump rotor with
- 1 . 3 litre the flats on the crankshaft