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Высокие технологии VVT-i models
просмотров - 147

Non-VVT-i models

Every 32 000 km or 2 years

VVT-i models -

Every 15 000 km or 12 months

Non-VVT-i models -

Remote control battery renewal

1 Using a screwdriver or coin, prise open the cover from the remote control unit (see illustration).

2 Note how the batteries are fitted (positive side away from the buttons), then carefully remove them from the contacts.

3 Fit the new battery (CR2016) and refit the cover making sure that it clips fully onto the base (see illustration).

4 Undo the small screw and lift the cover from the remote control unit (see illustration).

5 Lift the module from the unit, then remove the battery case cover (see illustration).

15.4 Check for wear in the hub bearings 16.1 Prise open the remote control cover 16.3 The positive side of the battery faces
by grasping the wheel and trying to rock it   away from the buttons

Maintenance procedures 1•15