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Высокие технологии ZZ-FE and 3ZZ-FE engines
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23 Ensure the mating faces of the coolant pump and timing chain cover are clean, then refit the pump using a new O-ring seal (see illustration).

24 Refit the retaining bolts and tighten them to the specified torque.

25 Refill the coolant system (Chapter 1), then run the engine and check for leaks.

8 Coolant temperature gauge sender unit-

testing and renewal

Warning: Do not start this procedure until the engine is completely cool.

1 If the coolant temperature gauge is inop-erative, check the fuses first (see Chapter 12).

2 If the temperature gauge indicates excessive temperature after running a while, see the Fault finding Section in the rear of the manual.

3 If the temperature gauge indicates Hot as soon as the engine is started from cold, disconnect the wire at the coolant temperature sender. The sender is located on the side of the thermostat housing on 4E-FE engines, and on the coolant pump coolant neck on 4A-FE engines. If the gauge reading drops, renew the sender unit. If the reading remains high, the wire to the gauge may be shorted to earth or the gauge may be faulty.

4 If the coolant temperature gauge fails to show any indication after the engine has been warmed-up (approximately 10 minutes) and the fuses checked out OK, shut off the engine.

Disconnect the wire at the sender unit and, using a jumper wire, connect the wire to a clean earth on the engine. Briefly turn on the ignition without starting the engine. If the gauge now indicates Hot, renew the sender unit.

5 If the gauge fails to respond, the circuit may be open or the gauge may be faulty - see

Chapter 12 for additional information.

9 Fit the new unit and tighten it securely. Do not use thread sealer as it may electrically insulate the sender unit.

10 Reconnect the wiring connector, refill the cooling system and check for coolant leakage and proper gauge function.