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Высокие технологии A) Before writing, brainstorm ideas for your essay. Tick three environmental problems which are true for the city you live in. Compare your answers with your partner.
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B) Compare your answer with your partner and discuss how you decide when to begin a new paragraph. Define the main idea of each paragraph.

A) Read the text and divide it into five paragraphs.

Study the essay format. In pairs discuss how you can organize this type of essay.



INTRODUCTION Paragraph 1 State the problem, its cause and effect
MAIN BODY Paragraph 2 Suggestion 1 and its expected result Paragraph 3 Suggestion 2 and its expected result Paragraph 4 Suggestion 3 and its expected result
CONCLUSION Final paragraph Summarize your opinion

Nowadays environmental problems have become dramatically urgent. My home town Rubezhnoe, a small industrial town, is polluted very much. As a consequence, people suffer from air and water pollution. In fact, the factory “Zarya” emits poisonous chemicals in the air and it has lead to health problems. As well as that, city dwellers dump rubbish into the lakes. Therefore, it smells and you can hardly swim in it in summer. Besides, all over the town trees are cut down for lumber, firewood to make room for spreading human settlement. Nevertheless, there is a number of activities to be taken to solve these problems. A useful suggestion would be to relocate the factory to an industrial park in a suburban area or even, if possible, to shut it down. This would help to improve the quality of the air. As well as that the water pollution could be solved by getting a TV station to run a story about the condition of the water in the lake. As a result, people could become conscious about the problem and would stop polluting the lake. Furthermore, the final suggestion to confront the problem would be planting trees. The effect would be a moderating climate, improving air quality. The thing is that the trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and make it cleaner. To conclude, I strongly believe that, whatever environmental policy the government may have, we must be environmentally conscious and fight to protect our home town from pollution.

1) There are no recycling facilities in your home town.

2) City dwellers dump rubbish into the lake.

3) The chemical plant discharges its toxic wastes into the river.

4) The chemical plant emits a wide range of pollutants in the air.

5) The city traffic has become heavier and roads have become more congested.

6) Oil tankers spill crude oil in the sea.

7) The power station uses the river water for cooling.

8) Numerous landfill sites all around the city are overfull.

9) City dwellers use coal fires at home.

10) Rubbish bins are not available around the city.

11) Trees around the city are being cut down to make way for new houses and businesses.

12) The factory stinks in the middle of the residential area.