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Высокие технологии Questions 1-4. Complete the notes below. Use no more than three words for each answer.
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B) Make up ten sentences which are true about global warming.

Solution to the problem of global warming

The effect of global warming

The cause of global warming

Compare your answers with other students.

industries and motor vehicles, the change in the climate, the change in seasonal activities of organisms, carbon dioxide and other heat trapping gases, hurricanes, invasions of warm weather species into traditional cold areas, long droughts, floods, to develop less carbon-intensive energy technology, diseases spread by mosquito insects, the worldwide reduction in coral reefs, severe rainstorms, to design worldwide policies to slow down global warming , to plant trees, freezing periods, the growth of plants, delaying the flight of birds, the decrease in plant and animal populations, to take / to adopt drastic measures, disappearing of some species, to restrict / ban propellants in aerosol spray
8. Listen to the speaker talking about global warming and fill in the gaps with no more than three words.(fromVoice of America)

Endangered species, sea life and the change in seasonal activities of organisms is affected by (1) _________. It is caused by(2) _____and other heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. The temperature has increased by about (3) _______ Celsius during the past one-hundred years. Global warming will result in (4) ________ because they cannot move to new areas when their home climate gets too warm.