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Строительство BRAKES 12-19 Master Cylinder
просмотров - 315


Do not attempt to drive the motorcycle until a full brake lever is obtained by pumping the brake lever until the pads are against the disc. The brake will not function on the first application of the lever if this is not done.

Front Master Cylinder Disassembly

• Remove the master cylinder from the handlebar.

• Remove the reservoir cap and diaphragm, and pour the brake fluid into a container.

• Remove the locknut and pivot bolt, and remove the brake lever.

• Push the dust cover [A] out of place, and remove the cir-clip [B].

Special Tool - Inside Circlip Pliers: 57001-143

• Pull out the piston assembly [C] and return spring [G].

Do not remove the secondary cup from the piston since removal will damage it.

Piston [D] Secondary Cup [E] Primary Cup [F]

Rear Master Cylinder Disassembly