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Строительство Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing
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Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing


Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing


Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing


1. Front Brake Hose

2. Choke Cable

3. Handlebar Switch Lead (Left)

4. Frame Ground Lead Terminal

5. Band

6. Ignition Coil (Left)

7. Radiator Fan Switch

8. Front Left Turn Signal Light Lead Connector

9. Clamp (Clamp the left handlebar switch lead, choke cable and ignition switch lead.)

10. Horn

11. Front Brake Hose Guide

12. Rear Harness

13. Oil Pressure Switch

14. Bands (Clamp the side stand switch lead so that it does not contact the exhaust pipe)

15. Neutral Switch

16. Side Stand Switch

17. Junction Box (Insert it to the rear fender)

18. Turn Signal Relay

19. Connect the regulator/rectifier lead connector inside of the reserve tank hose.

20. Regulator/Rectifier

21. Clamp (Clamp the left turn signal lead and frame ground lead)

1. Choke Cable

2. Route the choke cable and throttle cables under the main harness.

3. Run the choke cable under the throttle cables.

4. Throttle Cables

5. Band

6. Rear Brake Light Switch

7. IC Igniter

8. Starter Relay

9. Route the rear turn signal light lead through the grommet hole of the rear fender.

10. Rear Turn Signal Lead Connectors

11. Battery Negative (–) Lead

12. Rear Harness

13. Clamp (Install the clamp with the rear fender rear)

14. Rear Fender Rear