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Строительство Camshaft, Camshaft Chain
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○The Exhaust camshaft has an EX mark [A] and the inlet camshaft has an IN mark [B]. Be careful not to mix up these shafts.

○Be sure to operate from the engine left side.


• Position the crankshaft at #2 piston TDC (see Camshaft Removal).

The crankshaft may be turned while the camshafts are removed. Always pull the chain taut while turn­ing the crankshaft. This avoids kinking the chain on the lower (crankshaft) sprocket. A kinked chain could damage both the chain and the sprocket.

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install the chain. ○The timing marks [B] on the inlet sprocket [C] must be aligned with the cylinder head upper surface [D].

• Pull the chain taut and fit it onto the camshaft sprocket.

• Starting with the punch mark [E] on the top of the inlet sprocket, count to the 24th pin. Feed the inlet camshaft through the chain and align the 24th pin with the punch mark [F] on the exhaust camshaft sprocket [G].

• Be sure to install the knock pins.

• Install the camshaft caps and top chain guide in the cor­rect locations as shown. Location alphabets are marked on the cylinder head and each cap.