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Строительство ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 16-65 Fuses
просмотров - 287

Junction Box Internal Circuit

Junction Box



Diode Circuit Inspection

Relay Circuit Inspection (with the battery connected)

  Battery Connec­tion (+) (–) Te s t e r Connection Te s t e r Reading (Ω)
Headlight Relay 9 - 13 7-8
Starter Circuit Relay 11 - 12 (+) (-) 13 - 11 Not ∞*

(*): The actual reading varies with the hand tester used. (+): Apply tester positive lead. (–): Apply tester negative lead.

Diode Circuit Inspection

• Remove the left side cover (see Side Cover Removal in the Frame chapter).

• Remove the junction box.

• Check conductivity of the following pairs of terminals.

|Tester Connection |13-8,13-9,12-11,12-14,15-14,16-14 |

•The resistance should be low in one direction and more than ten times as much in the other direction. If any diode shows low or high in both directions, the diode is defective and the junction box must be replaced.

OThe actual meter reading varies with the meter used and the individual diodes, but, generally speaking, the lower reading should be from zero to one half the scale.

A: Accessory Fuse 10 A B: Radiator Fan Fuse 10 A C: Turn Signal Relay Fuse 10 A D: Horn Fuse 10 A E: Ignition Fuse 10 A F: Headlight Fuse 10 A G: Headlight Relay H: Headlight Diodes I: Starter Diode J: Starter Circuit Relay K: Starter Lock Out Diodes L: Taillight Fuse 10 A

30 A Main Fuse Removal

• Remove the right side cover (see Side Cover Removal in the Frame chapter).

• Unlock the hook to lift up the lids of the main fuse cover [A].

• Pull up the main fuse cover with the starter relay connec­tor.

Junction Box Fuse Removal

• Remove the left side cover (see Side Cover Removal in the Frame chapter).

• Unlock the hook to lift up the lid from the junction box.

• Pull the fuses [A] straight up from the junction box with the nose plier.

Junction Box Fuse Installation

• If a fuse fails during operation, inspect the electrical sys­tem to determine the cause, and then replace it with a new fuse of proper amperage.

• Install the junction box fuses on the original position as specified on the lid.

Fuse Inspection

• Remove the fuse.

• Inspect the fuse element.

• If it is blown out, replace the fuse. Before replacing a blown fuse, always check the amperage in the affected circuit. If the amperage is equal to or greater than the fuse rating, check the wiring and related components for a short circuit.

Housing [A] Fuse Element [B] Terminals [C] Blown Element [D]