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Строительство For cleaning the parts, use only disc brake fluid, isopropyl alcohol, or ethyl alcohol.
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BRAKES 12-13

Caliper Assembly Clean the caliper parts except for the pads.

• Install the bleed valve and rubber cap.

Torque - Caliper Bleed Valve: 7.8 N-m (0.8 kgf-m, 69 in-lb)

• Replace the fluid seal [A] with a new ones.

OAply brake fluid to the fluid seal, and install it into the cylinder by hand.

• Replace the dust seal [B] with a new one if it is damaged. OAply brake fluid to the dust seal, and install it into the

cylinder by hand.

• Apply brake fluid to the outside of the piston, and push the piston into the cylinder by hand. Take care that neither the cylinder nor the piston skirt get scratched.

• Replace the shaft rubber friction boot [A] and dust cover [B] with new ones if they are damaged.

• Apply a thin coat of PBC (Poly Butyl Cuprysil) grease to the caliper holder shafts [C] and holder holes [D] (PBC is a special high temperature, water-resistant grease).

• Install the anti-rattle spring [A] in the caliper body as shown.

• Install the piston insulator.

• Install the pads.

• Wipe up any spilled brake fluid on the caliper with wet cloth.