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Строительство Ignition Coil Arcing Distance 8 mm (0.32 in.) or more
просмотров - 142

Measuring arcing distance

Ignition System


Ignition Coil Removal/Installation

• Remove the Lower Fairings (see Lower Fairing Removal in the Frame chapter).

• Disconnect the leads and remove the ignition coils.

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terminals as shown. R Lead → #1 Ignition Coil Terminal BK Lead → #1 Ignition Coil Terminal

R Lead → #2 Ignition Coil Terminal [A] G Lead → #2 Ignition Coil Terminal [A]

Ignition Coil Inspection

• Remove the ignition coil (see Ignition Coil Removal/Instal­lation).

• Measure the arcing distance with a suitable commercially available coil tester [A] to check the condition of the igni­tion coil [B].

• Connect the ignition coil (with the spark plug cap left at­tached to each end of the spark plug lead) to the tester in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer and measure the arcing distance.

To avoid extremely high voltage shocks, do not touch the coil or lead.

• If the distance reading is less than the specified value, the ignition coil or spark plug cap is defective.

• To determine which part is defective, measure the arcing distance again with the spark plug cap removed from the ignition coil.

• If the arcing distance is subnormal as before, the trouble is with the ignition coil itself. If the arcing distance is now normal, the trouble is with the spark plug cap.

• If the arcing tester is not available, the coil can be checked for a broken or badly shorted winding with the hand tester.