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Строительство If the inner tune is badly bent or creased, replace it. Excessive bending, followed by subsequent straightening, can weaken the inner tube.
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Front Fork



• Pour in the specified type of oil and install the parts re­ moved (see Front Fork Oil Change).

Fork Oil Viscosity: KAYABA KHL34-G10 or equivalent Fork Oil Capacity (completely dry):

530 ±4 mL (17.91 ±0.14 US oz.)

Inner Tube, Outer Tube Inspection

• Visually inspect the inner tube [A] for scoring or scratches on the outer surface of it and repair any damage.

• Nick or rust damage can sometimes be repaired by using a wet- stone to remove sharp edges or raised areas which cause seal damage.

• If the damage is not repairable, replace the inner tube. Since damage to the inner tube damages the oil seal, replace the oil seal whenever the inner tube is repaired or replaced.

• Temporarily assemble the inner and outer tubes, and pump them back and forth manually to check for smooth operation.

• If you feel binding or catching, the inner and outer tubes must be replaced.

A straightened inner or outer fork tube [B] may fail in use, possibly, causing an accident. Replace a badly bent or damaged inner or outer tube, and in­spect the other tube carefully before reusing it.

Dust Seal Inspection

• Inspect the dust seal [A] for any signs of deterioration or damage.

• Replace them if necessary.

Spring Tension

• Since the spring becomes shorter as it weakens, check its free length [A] to determine its condition.

• If the spring of either fork leg is shorter than the service limit, it must be replaced.

• If the length of a replacement spring and that of the re­maining spring vary greatly, the remaining spring should also be replaced in order to keep the fork legs balanced for motorcycle stability.

Spring Free Length Standard: 522.5 mm (20.57 in.)

Service Limit: 512 mm (20.16 in.)