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Спорт A) Listen to the weather forecast and
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B) Listen to the weather forecast again and briefly reproduce.

A) Listen to the weather forecast for the weekend. Indicate which country will have the weather conditions shown.

A) Match the parts of the sentences. Insert articles where necessary.

B) Comment on the proverbs and sayings given below. Give their Russian equivalents.

A) Read after the teacher.


D). Speak about the advantages and disadvantages of fast food restaurants.

B) Watch the episode again and try to put down more details.

c) Answer the teacher’s questions.

27. You are arranging a party in the university hostel. In pairs or groups work out the details (who will be invited, what food and drunks must be bought, what national / special dishes will be prepared, who they will be prepared by, etc.) Discuss the details together.

28. Explain in what ways British pubs are different from typical cafes and bars in Russia (in your country).4

  UNIT 7
TOPIC:   1. Weather and climate. 2. Learning foreign languages. 3. National stereotypes.
GRAMMAR:   The Article.
  U Step I  



Intonation Drills

1. Read after the teacher.

to fret – хмуриться

to scold – ругать(ся)

to storm – бушевать

When the 'weather is kwet we 'mustn’t mfret.

When the 'weather is kcold we 'mustn’t mscold.

When the 'weather is kwarm we 'mustn’t mstorm,

But be 'thankful to'gether what'ever the mweather.

1. 'Every 'cloud has a 'silver mlining.

2. 'After a kstorm 'comes a mcalm.


The Article (revision)

1. The biggest ocean in the world is ... 2. The sea that separates ___ British Isles from ____ Continent is ... 3. The highest mountain range in the world is ... 4. The biggest desert in Africa is ... 5. The highest mountain in Europe is ... 6. The deepest lake in the world is ... 7. The longest river in the world is ... 8. The biggest island in the world is ... 9. The smallest continent in the world is ...   a. ___ Himalayas / ___ Alps b. ___ Antarctica / ___ Australia___ c. ___ Elbrus / ___ Mont Blanc d. ___ Lake Victoria / ___ Lake Baikal e. ___ Greenland / ___ Great Britain f. ___ Atlantic Ocean / ___ Pacific Ocean g. ___ Nile / ___ Amazon h. ___ Sahara desert / ___ Gobi desert i. North Sea / ___ English Channel  

b)Complete the sentences.

Weather conditions Country / region
  Cold and clear  

· explain the meaning of the expression the West Country;

· find the English for